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It's time to live better in your home, and feel the difference it will make in your life.

We create easy to maintain spaces for busy professionals and overwhelmed homeowners in upstate NY.


We transform your home and make your life easier so you have time and energy to enjoy the things you love.

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At Peaceful Priorities Organizing, we provide full service, judgement-free organizing services to busy professionals and overwhelmed homeowners in the capital district of upstate NY. We prioritize your needs and create easy to maintain systems that support your active life. Our done for you services transform your home without taking time out of your busy schedule so you can spend quality time with family, focus on work or just relax and unwind.

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Hi, I'm Julie!

I'm a mom, professional organizer, animal lover and lifelong learner. I grew up in the capital district and live in Ballston Lake with my amazing daughter and our loving pets.


I was previously a restaurant owner with a passion for creating efficient systems for the business and it's employees to keep everything running smoothly in a fast paced and stressful environment. When I became a mom, I knew it was time to find a career that allowed me more flexibility as a parent and balance in life. Through that transition, I realized that my love for working with people, passion for organizing, and BA in Psychology could all be used to help others simplify their lives, become more productive, and create peace of mind in the process.

I provide busy professionals and overwhelmed homeowners with an effective process for creating easy to maintain spaces that make your life easier. We transform your home and make it the most functional it can be to support the season of life you're in.

Erica, Albany NY

" Having Peaceful Priorities come to our home was the best decision we've ever made. Julie is professional, kind, smart, relatable and non-judgemental. Her process works and we are so happy with the results... We will be having Peaceful Priorities come back again very soon!"

Gina, Clifton Park NY

" Top notch customer service beginning to end. Julie is AMAZING! The process was seamless, and her attention to detail is incomparable. Hiring her was the best decision, and I would not hesitate to use her for future projects..."

Walker, Albany NY

" Julie was amazing to work with... She was professional, friendly and personable. She truly transformed the room and our lives in the process. We can finally use the space we live in after all these years, and that is invaluable..."

You'll be amazed how quickly transformation can happen,

and how little you need to be involved.

Many busy clients prefer that we execute the organizing process, only calling on them for quick decisions so they can maximize their time and continue their day. Some prefer that we work side by side throughout the process. No matter your vision, there's a full-service solution that's right for you.

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Let's do this!

Serving the Capital District of Upstate NY

Albany, Clifton Park, Saratoga Regions.


Have we worked together? Would you be willing to share your experience with others? Reviews and referrals are the heart of our small business.

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